For fast downloading Pixwox is software that lets its user for stories, reels, post etc. By the help of Pixwox you can include Instagram stories on your mobile phone. To browse through Instagram stories this software provide the oppourunity besides from their account rapidly transfer videos and photos. To quickly download videos, reels, stories, photos and many other videos from Instagram profile it is the most suitable technique and to look Instagram stories.

How to download Pixwox app?

On Google play store this app is available. There is very simple step to download this app first you should come to be in your play store and search with the name of Pixwox. By pressing on the install option you can come to be the official app. To download photos and videos the steps are as below

  1. The Instagram account you want to get copy that account name.
  2. With the help of any browser that feels you comfort with this open the website.
  3. Whose videos or story you want to transfer or you want to see in the complete input field enter the username of that profile and press the search button.
  4. Before being it to you Pixwox gather all the stories. If you just want to download and see the posts you can visit the page.
  5. Just below ward each of the stories there is “download” link. By pressing this link you can download the stories. To download Instagram stories this app makes it extremely relaxed.

How does Pixwox work?

This app allows its user to save Instagram stories on your mobile phone. You need to screenshot of those stories you like to keep with you and then this app will upload on your mobile phone. Wcofun is a website that provides a user friendly interface for new users. By this you can see in the app the story you saved and there is oppourunity that you can also share it with your friends. For IOS and android devices this app is available and to download this app there is no fees and it is entirely free of charges.

Feature of Pixwox:

By using the Pixwox app you can save it in high description pixels and can amplify the Instagram account. To download the Instagram profile picture, you want to see the profile picture this app is available.
To quickly download stories, videos and photos editing and sharing it with others this provides several series of that function.

1.      Posts and story downloader:

To download posts and stories picnob make it simple. By rare clicks if you wish to protect your own work and from other users and with the help of this app you can bookmark any information.

2.      High resolution media download:

To transfer high resolution Instagram videos and photographs you can consume this online apparatus. When you can partake or keeping the material this gathering warranties that you cannot concession on the quality.

3.      Make changes in media:

With the help of picnob you can also alternate the downloaded video or image. You can make many alterations such as you can enhance text to the image or you change the filters. With the help of default photos editing software and by using it you can do that.

4.      Safe content storage:

For saving Instagram stories this app delivers confident and nontoxic environment. Invaluable instants are always presented and by guaranteeing that you can look back your stories, videos and posts.


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