Exotic candies are the new craze among candy buffs! People­ really like unusual candies the­se days.

You may be looking for a perfect gifting option for someone­ you care about. Or you may just want a candy that tastes differe­nt. This post features lots of exotic candies you can order online.

We­ are enlisting ten exotic candy brands known for their  spe­cial and tempting flavours. You’ll not find these candies e­verywhere. From ­ innovative WanHeDa Soda Candy to limited edition Halls XS Hocke­y Mints, each candy is unique­.

Guess what? Some of these candie­s are perfect for pe­ople who like comics or anime shows!

Le­t’s take a look at these exotic candie­s now!

1. WanHeDa Soda Candy (Sprite and Coca-Cola Flavors)

WanHeDa Soda Candy offers innovative flavors like Sprite and Coca-Cola. Sprite flavor brings a candy-like taste with lemon-lime zest. Coca-Cola Y3000 features classic cola sweetness.

Despite premium pricing, it’s a tempting choice for those seeking unique candy experiences from online candy stores.

2. Halls XS Hockey Mints Limited Edition (Batman Dark Cherry and Superman Mentholyptus Sugar-Free)

Discover Halls XS Hockey Mints Limited Edition with Batman Dark Cherry and Superman Mentholyptus flavors. Sold by SITBOON, with 97.3% positive feedback, the item is shipped straight from Bangkok, Thailand. These Limited edition boxes are ideal gifting options for comic fans and mint enthusiasts alike. Refreshing flavors, sugar-free, and collectible.

3. Orion Super Sour Candy (Green Apple and Soda)

Experience the thrill of Orion Super Sour Candy – Apple Flavor from South Korea. This candy starts with a mild, fruity sweetness, only to surprise you with an intense sour burst as you reach its core. Whether you want a treat for yourself or are looking for a standout gift, the Orion Super Sour Candy could be just what you need.

5. Fettucine Gummi (Lemon and Grape)

Explore Fettucine Gummi candies, a delightful fusion of Japanese-inspired flavors. Available in Lemon and Grape, the resealable bag ensures your candies stay fresh longer. Grape flavor offers a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavor, individually wrapped for freshness. While lemon delivers a summery delight with a chewy texture and sugary crunch. A refreshing choice for those warm days!

6. Japanese KitKats

Delve into Japanese KitKats for a delightful surprise. Fruit flavors like Summer Mango, Apple Cinnamon, and Peach cater to all tastes. Dessert Series offers Cheesecake, Milk Tea, and Milk flavors. Unique tastes include White Chocolate with Sea Salt, Matcha, and Wasabi. “Kit Kat” is similar to the Japanese phrase “Kitto Katsu,” which means “You will surely win.” Kitkat has established itself as the symbol of good luck, making it a popular gift, especially during exams.

7. Aftershocks Popping Candy

Hop into a fizzy adventure with Aftershocks Popping Candy. Variety packs feature Grape, Watermelon, Green Apple, and Cotton Candy flavors. Imported from China, these individually wrapped candies come in distinctive peg bags, ideal for sharing. Dairy-free but high in sugar, so enjoy it moderately. Not suitable for young children due to choking hazards.

8. Naruto Shaippuden Ichiraku Ramen Candy

The Naruto Shippuden Ichiraku Ramen Candy by Boston America is a whimsical treat for anime fans and ramen enthusiasts. Shaped like noodles, it comes in a cleverly designed tin resembling a ramen take-out box. However, customers have pointed out that the tin is too tiny for the price. It’s perfect for parties or gifting with a delightful Fruit Punch flavor and Naruto-themed packaging. Suitable for children aged 36 months to 6 years.

9. Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy

Introducing Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy, a unique treat blending Cola and Cherry flavors in a dense, chewy texture. Rated 4.3/5 by 1,399 fans globally, it’s Fat-Free and Cholesterol-Free. Despite its simple packaging, it captures the essence of Dr. Pepper, appealing to soda enthusiasts and curious taste adventurers.

10. Skittles Candies

Skittles’ latest limited-edition flavors are Lemon Meringue, Petal Punch, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Raspberry Hearts. Each offers a unique taste experience. They come in a resealable pack for freshness. A surprising mustard-flavored candy collaboration and a new sour Berry mix add to the excitement.


Through a trip to exotic candy shops online, we see­ diversity and creativity in the confectionery industry worldwide. WanHeDa Soda Candy’s fizzy fun to off-center flavors of Japanese KitKat – each treat offers a pe­ek into special flavors.

These­ tasty traditions give an unmatched taste adve­nture. It smoothly bridges the gap between traditional tastes and mode­rn cravings.


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