Among the advantages of granite kitchen countertops, like granite counters Mequon is their beauty and versatility. However, they aren’t without their drawbacks, as well. The following list outlines the pros and cons of granite kitchen countertops. Also, consider whether they’re worth the price. Here, we discuss the maintenance and cost issues. Granite is an excellent choice if you want a low-maintenance surface that looks great for years.

Versatile look

If you’re looking for a classic kitchen countertop, granite is a solid choice. There are many options for color and design, and you can get the most out of each one with different countertops. These colors don’t date quickly, and you can add colorful accents like new backsplashes and wall paint. If you want a more modern kitchen, try light or honed granite. Light colors are easier to maintain and look cleaner in a kitchen with white cabinetry.

The color of your countertop is a vital consideration for your kitchen design. While black granite countertops are rarely 100% black, they will blend in well with most materials. For example, they look good with pastels, antique wooden cabinets, and stainless steel. In addition, the darker shades are less contrasting, and you can use them to balance other colors in your kitchen. Granite is also available in various shades and patterns, so there are endless options.

Low maintenance

If you want a beautiful kitchen with minimal upkeep, consider low-maintenance granite countertops. This material doesn’t require sealing and is nonporous, making it easy to clean and maintain. You can use a mild soap and water solution to clean it. Glass and surface cleaners can be used to remove heavier stains. There’s no need to worry about pH, which is why many prefer quartz countertops.

Although granite is low-maintenance, you should still maintain the quality of your countertops with the right cleaning materials. You should avoid applying creams or powders to your countertops, as they can damage them. Another mistake to avoid is using your regular glass cleaner to clean your granite kitchen countertops. These cleaners contain harsh chemicals and will ruin your counters. Instead, it’s best to use special cleansers on your granite kitchen countertops.

Resistant to stains

Although countertop manufacturers often advertise their products as stain-resistant, not all of them are true to this claim. Furthermore, even if they claim that their products are stain-resistant, many will still need to be maintained, usually with sealing and regular cleaning. Here are five truly stain-resistant countertop materials. One of the best choices is quartz, both resistant to staining and incredibly easy to maintain.

Dark-colored granites are more prone to stains than light-colored ones. While colors do appear on lighter-colored granites, they are less visible on lighter-colored surfaces. This means you should keep an eye out for spills and wipe them up as soon as possible. The dark stain may not appear for several minutes but will quickly fade. You can also opt for lighter-colored granite if you’re concerned about the appearance of your countertops.


While you can choose a wide variety of granite countertop materials, the price of a granite kitchen countertop slab can be quite high. These slabs typically cost $40 to $70 per square foot, and a large portion of your remodeling budget can be blown on this material. However, there are ways to cut the cost of granite countertops and still have some cash left over for other renovations. A fabricator can provide you with a quote based on the slab you select, but you may have to pay more.

Additional costs are also associated with installing granite kitchen countertops, such as installation. However, granite countertops can add value to your home and are considered an excellent real estate investment. You can choose tiled or modular granite, which is less expensive than granite countertops. You can also choose between the engineered stone and composite countertop materials. These materials are much more affordable than granite but may not be as beautiful or durable as the more expensive stone. The most important consideration is whether you want to upgrade your current kitchen or buy a new one.


The process of installing granite kitchen countertops can be a challenging one, and it requires several steps. The slabs of granite can take up to two weeks to ship. Before installing your new countertops, lay down 3/4-inch plywood over your base cabinets to prevent the slabs from sliding. Get some lifting help, and ensure you have the tools and supplies lined up. Purchasing the necessary tools ahead of time will also provide you can get the job done without delay.

Before installing your new countertops, ensure the cabinet tops are level and anchored to the wall. If you have a free-standing island, you must land the cabinets on the floor. This way, your countertop will not fall out and will not crack or chip. Once installed, the countertops will remain in place for many years without needing repair or replacement. For better results, install the granite countertops before reinstalling your cabinets.


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