Unlimited phone plans allow you to stay in touch with family and friends from anywhere you go. With Lifeline phone program Oklahoma, you can also communicate with your loved ones abroad for a low price. Therefore, text messages are cheaper than international calls. Furthermore, with messaging apps, you can send unlimited texts without additional charges. Moreover, if you have an emergency, it is better to text than call.


Technology has made connecting with friends and family easier, especially for those living abroad. Web-based applications have revolutionized domestic and international communication. Many phone carrier services have also taken advantage of the rise in international communication by offering international texting and calling plans. These plans often come with free international calls and data plans.

No Cap on Credit

With unlimited postpaid plans, you can be confident that you may make as many calls as you like without worrying about running out of balance or speaking time, in contrast to other plans where you will need to worry about doing so. In addition, there are no daily or monthly call limits to be concerned about because you will receive infinite credit benefits. This benefit typically proves to be quite helpful in unanticipated emergencies.

Internet Usage

Your unlimited phone package will almost always include 4G data as well. In addition, some service providers provide entirely free data consumption of up to 10 GB. It not only helps you save the additional money that would have been required to purchase the data plan but also spares you the headache of periodically updating the plan.

Obtaining Call Logs

You can quickly see your call logs by contacting your service provider if you have an unlimited STD calling plan. Your Call Detail Records (CDRs) will mostly include the number you called, how long the call lasted, when it happened, what kind of call it was, and when. You can determine from the record if the call was mobile-originating or mobile-terminating.


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