Open-air attractions are an integral part of any garden center. In addition to plants, you can find patio furniture and even pets. Read on for more information. The following sections cover some of the more popular options for your garden center. There are many benefits to independent nurseries. They are often more knowledgeable and offer a greater variety of plants than big box retailers. Hopefully, this information will help you decide which option is suitable. 


Before you plant your plants, you should prepare the soil. Add compost, either vegetable, shrimp, or manure. Top-dress your edible garden with compost to give it nutrients. You can also order a delivery of compost from a nursery. Some centers will even deliver it to your doorstep. Visiting a nursery is a great way to meet your gardening needs. A plant nursery can help you choose the best plants for your garden.

The difference between a nursery and a garden center is mainly the selection. The former sells annual and perennial flowers and shrubs, while the latter offers a wide range of other products. Garden centers often sell wild birds, house plants, hanging baskets, water gardens, and various other garden products. They also sell plant-care products, fertilizers, and chemicals. Some larger garden centers also have a restaurant or florist department. Some have expanded into the Christmas market, selling traditional Christmas Trees and other decorations. Some offer cafes, too. You can also visit Nursery New Smyrna Beach as an example.

Patio Furniture

A nursery and garden center offer plants of all types and varieties, including local, regional, and exotic species. These businesses cater to both the home gardener and commercial farmer. Typically, these businesses feature an extensive lineup of annuals, perennials, and container and earth plants. A nursery also offers horticulture products, such as potting soil, mulch, and other supplies. In addition, urban nurseries are known for providing flowering plants, ornamental trees, other houseplants, and various garden supplies.

There are many advantages to running a nursery and garden center. While the average consumer does not spend much time in a nursery, the owner of a center can offer the best selection. They also know the seasonal conditions of their local area and can help guide customers to the most appropriate plants for their particular climates and growing conditions. In addition to knowing your local climate and soil, nursery staff also learn which plants are susceptible to mildew and drought.


There are plenty of benefits to selling pets at a nursery and garden center, says Harrison. Cats, in particular, keep pests out of plants while schmoozing with customers. Moose, a sleek gray cat, hangs out at The Nursery at Mount Si, where you can purchase various other pet supplies. And while the store may not be a traditional pet shop, it offers a fun and convenient way to find and feed your favorite pet.

If you have a pet, ensure you take precautions to keep your plants safe. Always keep some toys or other distractions handy for your pet. Make sure your pet is well-trained and isn’t drawn to certain plants. If you’re worried about unwanted attention from your pet, consider buying pet-friendly houseplants. Listed below are some of the best plants for homes with pets.

Open-air Attractions

You can visit an open-air garden center if you love to spend time outside. These centers are often more than just retail stores, as they also offer educational and entertaining activities. Many open-air attractions include a bridge of flowers, an outdoor pond, or other unique features. Some even run small garden centers as additional revenue sources. While these centers can also be a deterrent for unofficial cuttings, they are also a great place to see how plants grow in nature.

Garden centers originally opened to serve as gathering places for landscaping ideas but have since become lifestyle destinations. They feature beautiful outdoor planters and abundant plants for sale. Many have boutique areas where visitors can find one-of-a-kind finds and garden shoes to complete the look. Some even offer farm-to-table cafes with homegrown foods. Open-air garden centers also hold garden classes and host live events to inspire and educate visitors.

Pet Products

Before starting a business selling pet products at a nursery and garden center, you must consider what your competitors are doing before jumping into the market. Harrison of Star Nursery St. George in St. George, Utah, advises that garden centers should research the competition in their area and understand their price ranges. He also recommends starting conservatively, not buying overpriced or low-end products.


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