You’ve heard about feminized cannabis seeds, but what are they? These seeds are altered to (almost) guarantee that your plants will be exclusively female. Unfortunately, feminized cannabis seeds are generally more expensive than regular seeds, and you may wonder if they’re worth the extra expense. After all, best feminized seeds are not as easy to grow as regular seeds, and you don’t want to risk ruining your crop by trying them.

Feminized cannabis seeds 

Feminized cannabis seeds have been genetically engineered to produce only female plants. This method of plant breeding ensures that only female cannabis plants will flower and that only a single male will be produced per 1,000 feminized seeds. While this method is not perfect, it can almost guarantee that the entire plant will produce only female flowers. Furthermore, feminized cannabis seeds are more productive than regular seeds, resulting in larger yields and higher THC and CBD levels.

Feminized cannabis seeds can be obtained from reputable suppliers. Other brands offer a range of cannabis seeds, but you can also find some feminized strains at reputable seed banks and online marketplaces. Just make sure you read each company’s terms and conditions before purchasing any seeds from them.

They are more expensive than regular cannabis seeds.

There are advantages and disadvantages to feminized and regular cannabis seeds. Regular cannabis seeds are less potent than feminized ones and are more difficult to grow. Feminized seeds, however, have more benefits. They are less expensive and offer a 50/50 chance of producing females. Also, if grown correctly, feminized plants are much easier to maintain.

The cost of feminized cannabis seeds depends on the quality of the seed. Good quality seeds should be free of hermaphrodites and be tested before planting. Autoflowering seeds are the most popular type of cannabis seed, as they provide excellent yields and have little to no THC content. However, they do come with extra costs. Therefore, a higher price tag may not necessarily mean better plants.

They are difficult to grow.

Buying feminized cannabis seeds is good if you want a smooth ride to big yields. However, if you are looking for a strain with high potency, you can’t go wrong with the commercial varieties. These types have high yields and potency and can have just about any terpene profile you can imagine. If you have trouble growing them, try searching for online seed banks.

While growing cannabis from feminized seeds is not mandatory, many consumers still prefer them. These varieties produce plants that are only half male and half female. However, it results in a waste of space and time. While male plants benefit from breeding, they don’t yield any potent buds. 

They can ruin your crop.

Buying non-feminized cannabis seeds will ruin your crop. Male cannabis plants produce seed pods and pollinate female plants. Consequently, the female plants will grow and produce only flowers and seeds. Therefore, when you grow cannabis from unfeminized seeds, you will throw away more than half of your plants. Feminized seeds will avoid this problem and ensure you only get female plants.

Another reason that feminized seeds can ruin your crop is the hermie factor. Feminized seeds have male flowers but are genetically equivalent to a female plant. Hermies are cannabis plants with female parts. These plants produce pollen, which causes seedy buds. As a result, if you buy feminized seeds, you risk having seedy buds. If you do buy feminized seeds, be sure to check the parent plants to ensure that they don’t contain male genes.

They are unsuitable for breeding.

A major difference between feminized and regular cannabis seeds is their reproductive ability. Feminized seeds are produced when the female plant undergoes a chemical change during flower development. This substance, usually colloidal silver or gibberellic acid, forces the female to produce pollen sacs. These sacs contain female pollen that is used to fertilize another female plant. This process results in a plant with a female reproductive capacity.

Feminized cannabis seeds are unsuitable for breeding because their female characteristics are not preserved in the male. This process creates genetic instability and segregation in a population. Ideally, seeds should be produced from true F1 hybrids created by crossing genetically divergent and uniform parental inbreds. Full-sibling crosses can also produce homozygous genotypes, but they must be conducted between sister-brothers or brother-sister plants.

They offer lower yields.

When grown from feminized cannabis seeds, you can expect spectacular yields. These seeds can be grown in SCROG conditions and use powerful LED lighting to produce heavy flowers. Serious growers know they can get heavy yields with either feminized or autoflower seeds. The main difference between autoflower and feminized seeds is that autoflower seeds have fewer terpenes and don’t produce the same amount of cannabinoids as feminized cannabis seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds produce smaller plants, but you don’t have to deal with this problem. Regular cannabis seeds are cheaper than feminized ones. These seeds produce half as many plants. The difference in cost is based on the strain’s popularity and the seed quality. If you’re a beginner or a small grow room owner, feminized cannabis seeds may be more suitable.


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