According to, home prices went up in May 2022 all over the country. In the U.S., the median existing-home sales price was $407,600. This is an increase of 14.8% from the same time last year according to the National Realtors Association (NAR). In certain areas, the increase is even more than that.

Those preparing their home to sell have a lot of competition, so a lot depends on a fair sale price and the marketing employed to get the home sold first at top dollar. There are many tactics that sellers use to make buyers look at their home first. We will look into some of those options.

The 2022 Housing Market

In 2022, we have seen prices soar on both new homes and existing homes. Many homeowners are getting their homes ready to go on the market, and taking advantage of the huge increase in price. We are in a sellers’ market, but there are also a plethora of homes available, so it is up to the seller and their agent to find innovative sales tools to make a property stand out from the competition.

According to NAR, properties were on the market for 16 days before they were sold and 80% of the homes sold in May were available for less than a month before being sold. First-time buyers purchased 27% of available homes. Home sales remain a sellers’ market and high demand for housing exceeds the supply available. With interest rates remaining low and buyer demand high, sellers have to look at all available options to highlight the homes they are selling above others.

Some savvy marketers have found innovative ways to highlight their properties to get the highest price possible.

  • Many marketers list homes under contract with online platforms that show potential home buyers the home’s features before they visit.
  • Many of those selling homes understand the importance of professional photography showing their homes. Still photography and HD virtual tours are increasingly popular. They give the potential buyer a clear idea of the home before they ever step inside.

No matter what option you choose, it is a sellers’ market and savvy home sellers are going to go the extra mile to get the sale. They typically will post on numerous sites and display great real estate photography Denver CO-based top photographers.

Anything home buyers can do to make their home more attractive will help them garner the sale.


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