As the holiday season is approaching you may have decided to make arrangements to rent out your holiday home to eager vacationers. But what are the ways to increase the sustainability of your holiday home? The UK government is also encouraging landlords to take sustainable measures to make their holiday homes eco-friendly.  

If you need professional assistance to improve the sustainability of your holiday home, you can get help from letting agents in Brighton. They will offer you useful tips to reduce carbon footprint and as a result, you can do your part in saving the environment. You can have a look at the challenges of having a holiday home and also the tips to increase its sustainability. 

What are the holiday home rental challenges? 


Landlords find it challenging to effectively market their holiday homes and attract people to stay at their property. They might only choose one single platform to market their property and it may not be enough for it to reach their target audience as the competition is huge. 

But with the help of the reputed letting agents it will become easy for the landlords to find tenants to stay at their holiday home because letting agents use many effective ways to market their client’s properties. 


Many holiday home landlords think that the cheaper their rental rates the more clients they can attract. But it will greatly affect their profits and they might need extra money for repairs to improve the property. 

On the other hand, some landlords will decide to fix disproportionate rental rates for their holiday homes which the tenants may find expensive. So you have to set a realistic price for the holiday home based on the current market and the value of your holiday home. 

How to improve holiday home sustainability? 

·         Using renewable energy sources 

The best way to improve the sustainability of your holiday home is to use renewable energy sources like solar, wind or hydro. For instance, installing solar panels can help you to decrease the carbon footprint of your holiday home by eighty per cent for a year. Their benefits are also long-term because you can use the solar energy source for up to fifty years with only little maintenance. Plus you will also be able to save energy and cut the energy bill by £120 to £310 a year. 

Further, you can also install LED light bulbs which can last twenty-five times longer than ordinary light bulbs and these options are also extremely energy efficient. 

·         Water saving measures 

To stop the situation of water shortage in the future, you can install water-efficient shower heads, dual flush toilets and low-flow taps in the bathrooms and toilets so the guests will not waste water for their daily water requirements. Plus you can also invest in modern water-efficient appliances that help control daily water use. 

·         Change in daily essentials 

You can make some small changes in your holiday home for a big impact. You can start by offering guests eco-friendly essentials like reusable bottles and bags to limit the use of plastic. Plus you can also provide them with eco-friendly soaps, cosmetics, toothbrushes, and more to make your holiday home a pattern of sustainability. 

Further, encourage the guests to properly dispose of the waste for recycling purposes with clear instructions. For extra heating you can use thick curtain covers and furnishings to make the rooms cosy so the guests will not feel the need to use the room heater. 

·         Arrange eco-friendly activities 

For helping the guests learn about the importance of sustainability, you can arrange fun and informative activities for them. You can offer a list of local shops that offer sustainable goods for the guests so they will like to visit it and do some shopping. You can also ask them to dine locally which will also boost the local economy and provide them with bicycles to travel the area and tour around it. 

Rent out a holiday home and enjoy the benefits 

If you want to operate a successful sustainable holiday home you can seek the services of the reputed Brighton letting agents. They are the right professionals to help you keep up with the latest developments related to the holiday home market and they will also offer you excellent continued assistance to find wonderful guests.


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