Virtual Quran Academy offers qualified Quran tutors for online Quran memorization. Memorizing facts of the Quran or complete Quran takes a great deal of mental and physical effort, devotion, and excitement. All of this takes place under the guidance of an expert teacher who demonstrates the correct approach.


Quran Education allows you to Hifz Quran online from anywhere in the globe, and the plus side is you can do it at any time.  if there is any inconvenience during class time you can listen to recorded sessions as well. You may also like to learn Tajweed.

So basically, you can never face the loss in online classes. whether you are a child or an adult you can memorize Quran, even school-age youngsters can memorize the Quran in their spare time.

We can only fulfill our goals if we are prompt about it. As seen from many sources It takes a youngster about 3 to 5 years to remember the Quran completely. This duration, however, is determined by a student’s learning abilities.


The online Hifz program aims to produce top-tier Hafiz e Qurans who can perfectly recite and read the Holy Quran without the need of looking at its verses. Many online institutes offer both male and female teachers to assist people in learning the Hifz Quran digitally via online sessions. Many companies provide free flexibility, allowing consumers to pick the sort of instructor they want. Enroll in Quran Memorization.

Types of memorizations of The Holy Quran 

  • Memorize the entire Holy Quran or
  • Memorization of a portion of The Holy Quran

In the online Hifz program, you can get help in remembering the entire Quran or just a portion of it. Quran Schooling provides a number of Quran Hifz programs in which people can Hifz the selected part of the Quran of their choice or the complete Quran from start to the end. 

Subdivision of hifz online Course for the memorization of Portion of the Holy Quran  

  • hifz the Half of the holy Quran 
  • hifz any chapter
  • Hifz any Juz
  • Hifz any Manzil or Manzils of your choice 

Quick Method for Memorizing the Quran in a Short Period of Time

Professional Quran memorizing tutors on the Internet Quran Academies provide an efficient method of learning for each child. 

  • First, they provide a brief test to the youngsters in order to determine their learning capacity.  
  • professors of the academy recognize the sensitivity of the situation. They continue to arouse learners’ attention by employing effective, clear, and engaging tactics. 
  • For memorizing, online institutes use both conventional and innovative teaching approaches. To improve students learning capacity, the teachers should be both tolerant and tough. 
  • The teachers should be kind and committed to repeating any lesson. 
  • Furthermore, tutors should concentrate on reviewing the previously learned content. 

The best approach for keeping the class engaged during hifz Course 

institutes/ organizations should begin their classes with a small-time duration, like 25 to 30 minutes. this way kids won’t develop boredom and would be happy to attend the class. then gradually they can increase the time of their sessions, that way students would already have the stamina to stay active in class.

Certification of Quran Hifz Course 

After succeeding in scheduled tests, online institutions may also give Ijazah an online hifz Quran course. The candidates’ knowledge of Tajweed regulations is examined both practically and theoretically. 

Because they have mastered perfect pronunciation and the application of Tajweed norms, the Ijazah certificate enables students to teach the Quran or Quranic studies to others.

Once the learners have remembered the entire Quran, they go through revision again, and a test is given to them to assess their future faults. The Quran memorizing certificate is also issued by Online Quran Academy.


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