If you’re planning to invest in a mobile laundry trailer, you’ll want to consider the trailer’s ease of use, convenience, and security. Before purchasing your new trailer, make sure you have enough parking space and a nearby place to store it. Mobile laundry trailers make it easier and more convenient to do your laundry. And depending on where you park it, you can choose to use a self-service operation or hire an employee.

Commercial-grade washers and dryers

With 28-foot mobile laundry trailers, you can accommodate a multi-day event or basecamp operation. The trailer is fully equipped with nine washers and dryers, multiple tankless water heaters, and onboard drying racks. In addition, a single unit can wash up to 250 pounds of laundry. You can even add additional washers and dryers.

Mobile laundry trailers are handy for military mobilization or natural disasters. They can also be used for hospital or building renovations. The trailers are waterproof, and water drains away quickly. However, standing water is a slip and fall hazard. They are also straightforward to clean. Moreover, they are built from top-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting. Some even come with AC units, oversized doors, and roof vents.

Portable showers

Portable laundry trailers can offer the convenience and privacy of a full bathroom. These trailers feature air conditioning, privacy, and even folding surfaces. They can be set up in just minutes and provide sanitation services for workers and visitors alike. They are also perfect for outdoor events, where clean clothes are crucial to the day-to-day functioning of any business. The mobile restroom/shower trailers are well equipped with various features, including dual on-demand water heaters and A/C. They are also equipped with interior and exterior lighting, OSHA-approved stairs, and big shower heads. In addition, their trailers can accommodate 80 guests per hour and include shaving stations with GFI electrical outlets.

Construction sites

A mobile laundry trailer is an efficient and convenient way to do laundry. These mobile laundry units come equipped with six commercial-grade washers and dryers. Moreover, they are waterproof, ensuring that water does not stand in the trailer. Such a feature eliminates the potential for standing water, a potential slip-and-fall hazard. They are also easy to maintain, thanks to their construction using high-quality building materials. The trailers can be customized with AC units, oversized doors, and roof vents. They can even be attached to living quarters, ideal for long-term engagements.

A mobile laundry trailer is not just an excellent convenience for construction workers. Many restaurants and grocery stores are using them to expand their sanitation capacity and ensure employees have clean clothes at the beginning of their shifts. These units also enable employees to clean themselves before heading home. Eventually, portable showers will become familiar on construction sites. But, again, the health and safety of workers are a significant consideration. Without the proper protection, you cannot work in dirty clothes.

Disaster recovery

When a disaster strikes, finding clean clothes is one of the biggest challenges. Fortunately, the latest mobile laundry trailers have many of the features people need during disaster recovery. Mobile laundry trailers feature stacked washers and dryers, folding countertops, and utility sinks for hand-washing and soaking. These trailers are the most convenient ways to clean clothes for evacuees. With disaster relief efforts to reestablish normalcy, they provide the necessities of clean clothing.

Laundry trailers are made of top-of-the-line building materials. They are waterproof, and their interiors drain quickly to prevent standing water that can be a safety hazard. In addition, they are easy to clean. Some trailers even come with AC units, oversized doors, and roof vents. The laundry trailer can be attached to living quarters, making it a convenient option for long-term engagements.


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