Revolving doors provide excellent indoor space and also ensure safety and security. But they must be carefully designed to avoid a high risk of injury and strike a balance between style and security. This article will discuss some of the considerations to make before purchasing a revolving door. It will also discuss the different types of these doors, including their energy efficiency and security features. After reading this article, you will know more about these doors and their benefits.

Energy efficiency

Revolving doors are one way to save energy and money. A single door saves approximately seven tons of CO2 a year and can save a business up to seven thousand dollars annually. However, their benefits aren’t linear. AAADM defines a high traffic level as more than two people per minute. Low traffic levels are defined as one person per five minutes or less. An automatic door would be more appropriate if your business is mainly two-way.

When appropriately used, revolving doors can save as much as thirty percent of energy, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology study. When compared to swing doors, revolving doors are eight times more energy-efficient. In fact, by installing swinging doors in public buildings, MIT could save up to seven thousand dollars a year on natural gas, which is enough to heat five homes and reduce the emission of 15 tons of CO2.


Revolving doors have numerous benefits. They are energy-efficient and promote security by working on the principle of always-open and always-closed. In addition, they are an excellent choice for public buildings, as they prevent infiltration and noise from outside. Security options for these doors also add an extra layer of protection, like the addition of revolving door code compliance. Read on to learn more about the benefits of revolving doors. In addition, these doors can be installed semi or fully internally, ensuring that no outsiders can get through.

Many large buildings, airports, and hospitals feature revolving doors. The doors must be secure to prevent accidents. Security measures include the use of tourniquets for smooth passage. These doors must be made with high-quality materials for public safety to avoid damage or injury. They must also be able to prevent objects or people from becoming stuck. 


The style of revolving doors depends on how the door is connected to the building. They can be connected at the throat opening, mid-post, or several keyhole configurations. Mid-post is the most common connection, and half of the revolving door extends beyond the building envelope. An interior keyhole is the most desirable configuration for large lobby spaces but may not be suitable for an elevator lobby. Floor grates can help protect pedestrians and reduce debris infiltration.

The frame of a revolving door can be made of either aluminum, glass, or a combination of both. A curved glass enclosure can also be installed above a revolving door for increased visual impact. Since 1888, revolving doors have been used to close off a building’s interior from the exterior. This feature has made them famous for commercial and residential buildings.


Commercial buildings, office buildings, and utility buildings are the main applications for revolving doors. Their use in these sectors is growing despite the market’s competitive environment. Increasing user throughput and energy efficiency are two primary reasons revolving doors are increasingly preferred over conventional ones. The following are some of the critical benefits of this type of door. These benefits will be discussed in more detail.

Revolving doors are available in a wide range of materials and construction methods. Materials used in their construction include aluminum extrusion, steel tubes, marine-grade plywood, glass, felt, rubber, and mechanical devices. Some are even motor-driven to facilitate access control. The construction materials used in revolving doors depend on the intended use and the amount of traffic the door will receive. Revolving doors should be collapsible and have hinges to ensure safety and security.


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